Trump Tries to Hide Weakness

On Sunday, Pres. Trump greeted supporters on a drive with his mask on, as he was being treated for Covid-19 at the Walter Reed Medical Center. Given that the presidential election is just a little less than a month away, many of his supporters are using his behavior to support the claim that coronavirus does not require such serious measures. However, this is not the most accurate picture.

Two days after the diagnosis of coronavirus, Trump’s blood oxygen level dropped twice, to the extent that it required medical intervention. He was also put on steroids, meaning his condition likely is worse than initially described. Yet, as some outlets/professionals claim that Mr. Trump may leave the hospital (and he has done so today, Monday 10/5/2020), information regarding the severity of Pres. Trump’s illness is starting to give a feel of being misleading.

By making himself look as if he can battle the coronavirus, a disease that has killed 209,000 people in the US alone, he might present a face that he is “leader-material,” but in reality, officials agreed that they are providing the most positive outlook to satisfy the President of the United States, rather than be truthful about his situation.

Of course, his stint of “strength” now has forced every one of those in the car with him into a mandatory 14 day quarantine, and he is putting himself and everyone in the White House at significant risk by leaving the hospital earlier than he should.

Will this be worth it for him? All of the officials say he is fine, but many are skeptical of the truth behind the President’s condition and how this will impact the politics surrounding Covid-19 as well as the presidential election.

Regardless, it is now official: The coronavirus has infiltrated the White House, and the President returning to it will not help get rid of the coronavirus from the location.

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