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Travelers from Coronavirus Hotspots Heading to NY, NJ, CT Subject to 2Wks Quarantine

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said travelers from coronavirus hotspots: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Utah and Texas to New York will be imposed for two weeks quarantines due to these states’ coronavirus cases are surging sharply. New Jersey and Connecticut joined New York in enforcing 2Wks Quarantine.

Major Airlines are cooperating with their decisions, and American Airlines is waving charge fees for travelers who want to fly on different dates until Sept.30. Although airline travelers have increased recently, the restriction will cause minor hindrances in peoples’ decisions to travel.

All airlines’ shares drop slightly in light of this news. Airlines have reduced services to certain destinations and some bases have closed since pandemic has started. Air travel is especially sensitive in New York City, state of New Jersey, and Connecticut, as they suffered a huge infection rate and death rates initially and are working to control Coronavirus rates.

As states reopen, west coast, south, midwest, and southeastern regions are all seeing a heightened rate of people testing positive for coronavirus, with Arizona, Florida, and Texas seeing some of the highest rates.

American Airlines said, ”For those traveling domestically, we strongly encourage all of our customers to check with state and local governments in the places they are traveling to so they fully understand and are able to comply with any requirements upon their arrival,”

“We will continue to evaluate our schedule and adjust as needed based on demand, government travel restrictions and federal health guidelines,” Delta airline said in a statement.

Airlines Industry is struggling with this pandemic and compared to same time of the last year, is operating with at least 80% reduced service in both domestic and international lines.


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