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Total Solar Eclipse Brings Americans Outside

On April 8, at about 2 pm, people came out to see the celestial event that will not occur again for another 20 years, gathered at good spots to look up the sky from Niagara Falls to urban areas of Mexico. Many social media accounts boasted their photos, and some couples married under the eclipsing Sun and Moon.

A neighbor wanted to see the solar eclipse but lamented that his wife had bought a full case of the special glasses for this event and took them all to work. He finally got one from an unknown neighbor and was excited to see the event.

Some people chanted “Magnificent,” and “So cool!” from their parking lots and children’s playground. Schools and libraries allowed for early dismissals. Some say this celestial event brought an economic impact of more than 6 billion dollars in generated, and some say a loss of 1 billion due to many people coming out of their works to see this event.

However, according to NBC, in 1978, at 22 years old and in his first year of teaching, an earth science teacher Pat Moriarty gave his 9th-grade students a list of solar eclipses and told them to circle the one in 2024 expected to pass over their hometown near Rochester. He promised they’d watch it together. Monday, up to 100 of his former students reunited on his lawn and completed their 46-year-old homework assignment.

Dogs were barking hard, birds were sitting, waiting, and the wind came and went as the Moon faced the Sun for a while. Moods changed with the clouds and darkness spread across the sky. This solar eclipse covered a large area of the continent and brought a special experience to many people. The next great solar eclipse will be in 20 years.

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