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The Hottest Day of the Year and Severe Thunderstorms Hit I-95 Corridor

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From South Carolina to Maine, the heat belt hangs with storms closing in tightly behind, according to says on Thursday. Some areas will see a new record for the highest temperature experienced, such as Albany, NY, and Harford, CT, hitting 100 degrees with a high humidity capacity. Since mid-July, major cities in the Northeast, including New York, Newark, and Philadelphia have experienced very hot days unseen before, most of the days being well over 90 degrees. All those cities are located in the I-95 corridor.

“The temperature in Albany has reached as high as 97 degrees on multiple occasions in July. Not only would the forecast high of 98 degrees on Thursday surpass that mark, [but] it would also tie the daily record of 98 set in 1955.” according to

The weather broadcasting predicts downpours into the metro Washington region at about 2 PM. This storm will be in the DMV areas with isolated rain with gusty wind. These downpours will bring flash flooding to some of the regions. This storm will be staying in the region until around midnight respectively.

On Friday, Through the I-95 corridor again, storms will hit one more time and this might cause more serious damage to the residents who live along the storm path. DMV areas will continue to experience 100 heat index. From Thursday, cooler weather might be expected post-storm. The storms are expected to calm down by Friday evening.

Four people have recently struck from lightning in Washington D.C. Two of the four died from lightning injuries and two are in critical condition. It may be risky to drive at night in the rain with heavy gusts in DMV and the I-95 corridor.

The daytime temperature was 112 degrees in most of the Northern Virginia area and dropped to 73 degrees after rain as of 9:30 pm. This rain will slow down at 11 pm.


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