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The fired FBI official McCabe Wins Retirement Benefits and Back Pay


The former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe won the lawsuit to receive his retirement benefits and backpay against the federal government on Thursday. It is a huge victory for the government employees fired by former president Trump with minimal notice.

According to NPR, former president Trump had fired many government officials during his term, and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was one of them. Andrew McCabe was fired only hours before his retirement, and it was on his 50th birthday in 2018. Andrew McCabe filed a civil lawsuit and the Justice Department has agreed to restore full law enforcement benefits and provide attorney fees for him.

He has argued that his ouster was a result of a “years-long public vendetta” by former president Trump.”I think the message that you get loud and clear from the terms of the settlement is that this never should have happened,” McCabe said. “It feels like complete vindication because that’s what it is.”

Andrew McCabe worked 21 years in service at the Bureau. McCabe can return to work if he wants. He will get all his retirement benefits and back pay as well from this settlement. One of McCabe’s attorneys at the time said a senior Justice Department official told him the department was making things up as it went along.

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