The Black Plague in 2020? China Cracks down on bubonic plague outbreak

In the remote northern region of China, public health authorities are working to contain and prevent the small outbreak of bubonic plague after a herder contracted the disease.

As there is limited number of cases and modern medicine, risk is considered to be low. However, due to this, Inner Mongolia region has now banned hunting, skinning, and transportation of rodents that may carry the Yersinia pestis, and alerted that there is a risk of human plague epidemic spreading in the city. In the past year, there were 5 cases of the bubonic plague, which is hardly the numbers seen during medieval Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The measures to prevent the spread of bubonic plague is to stay until 2021, and China is warning its citizens to avoid entering Inner Mongolia in the near future.

China has recently acted as an incubator for all sorts of diseases: COVID-19 from the Coronavirus, new type of swine flu that could cause a pandemic, and now, bubonic plague, all in 2020. Thankfully however, the bubonic plague does not see the kinds of numbers it used to kill. Nonetheless, a new variation of the H1N1 swine flu, called G4, is being watched by governments worldwide, and the US is keeping a close eye on the G4, as it continues to deal with surging coronavirus infection rate in the population.


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