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Texas Finally Halts Reopening Amidst Coronavirus Panic

On Thursday, Gov. Greg Abott of Texas finally halted any further effort to reopen the state, instead focusing on obtaining extra hospital beds and ventilators for the incoming COVID-19 patients. Texas is one of three states currently seeing record number of positive coronavirus infections, the other two being California and Florida.

Head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the US has only counted about 10 percent of coronavirus infections, meaning up to nearly 20 million Americans could have been infected so far.

Official numbers show an infection of 20 million people with 122,481 deaths.

Florida and Texas recorded a new high of 5,000 new cases on Tuesday, while California reported more than 7,000.

This is a concerning trend, as those three states count for 27.4% of the total population of the people living in the US.

At the moment, all elective surgeries are put on hold to deal with the influx of covid-19 patients.

Meanwhile, New York, one of the earliest hotspots for the coronavirus pandemic, has been seeing continued decrease in the reported number of hospitalizations for COVID-19, falling to less than 1,000.


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