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Sweden Regrets Relaxed Social Distancing as it see COVID Deaths Worsen

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Sweden was the envy of most people around the globe, as people went shopping, attended school, worked, and dined in restaurants during the Coronavirus pandemic, as most people were forced into strict stay-at-home enforcements.

But now, State chief epidemiologist Andre Tegnell anguishes about soaring high death rates caused by the coronavirus contagion.

Earlier this week, Sweden’s death rate per capita rose to the highest in the world, according to the Guardian. At 43 fatalities per 100,000 people, it has far surpassed neighboring countries, Denmark and Norway which have imposed strict stay at home orders.

Some Democrat critics shows strong rebuke against Tegnell’s measure which originally asserted that relaxed social distancing against Coronavirus pandemic would be more sustainable long-term than severe and sudden lockdowns enforced by most governments around the world.

Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democratic Party) tweeted:

“Sveriges coronahanteringen blir mer obegriplig för varje dag.” (“Sweden’s corona management is becoming more incomprehensible for each day.”)

Whether Mr. Tegnell truly regrets this or not is still unclear; however, Sweden is seeing a gross domestic product slump of 7 percent, which is about the same as the rest of Europe, but Sweden is also seeing the highest fatalities in Europe as well, showing that Mr. Tegnell’s policy of allowing more deaths initially to protect the economy and arrive at herd immunity faster than rest of Europe is not working as intended.


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