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Surfside Condo Victims’ Identities Stolen

After Surfside Condo collapsed on June 24, 2021, the deceased victims’ credit cards have been used at expensive stores by fraudsters; however, the team of thieves behind the fraud was arrested for these crimes. According to News 10, detectives with search warrants found blank checks, birth certificates, photos, and machines to create credit cards, including those with embossed names on them.

“When we executed the search warrant, many things were found,” Surfside police Sgt. Marian Cruz said. “Detectives found large quantities of mail and credit cards, all in the names of the victims. Credit card-making equipment was also located, along with designer shoes and handbags, narcotics and even a firearm.”

Almost 98 people died and many were injured when the condo complex collapsed, one of the suspects, Garcia-Medina said one officer from the Surfside police department when he was arrested, “I am innocent” on the officer’s body camera. However, He was accused of using the one of victim’s credit cards to buy his $130 pair of shoes.

Garcia-Medina’s sister, Betsy Alejandra Cacho-Medina (30) was arrested along with other two suspects, Kimberly Michelle Johnson (34), Rodney Choute (38) yesterday. The mall surveillance video shows them using stolen credit cards to buy their stuff at the Aventura Mall.

If they are convicted of this crime, they could face 15-30 years in prison, according to Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. Investigators and law enforcement are chasing more suspects related to these schemes and are asking for the public’s help.


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