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Study says: Hair Treatment Can Lead to Kidney Damage

A hair treatment for straight and sleekness is related to kidney damage according to a recent study; hair treatment containing glyoxylic acid helps with hair smoothing quality, but it is highly expensive. According to, a woman visited three different times at her favorite hair salon, and she got a kidney problem.

This 26-year-old woman had no previous health problems and on the day of each visit, she experienced vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and back pain. She reported burning on her scalp during the hair treatment and developed ulcers on her head shortly after her hair treatments. Her doctor says one of the products used likely caused the organ injuries. The doctor found the patient had raised levels of creatinine in her blood, that it related to kidney problems.

In a recent study published in the March 27th edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers explained that the Glyoxylic acid absorbed through her skin and reached her kidneys which caused a damaged kidney.

Journal of Diabetes Research (2014) found that glyoxylate is a New Marker Metabolite of Type II Diabetes which eventually can lead to Kidney malfunction.

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