Stimulus Check will hit the road Tonight

Help is on its way for many Americans. Recently, the second round of $600 per person, and tax-free Economic Impact payment will be deposited directly from tonight as of 29 December, two days before the end of the Year.

The Treasury Secretary had announced last week that he expected the federal government to start delivering the payment this week. After Pres. Trump announced the desire to see up to $2,000 for individual and vetoed the $600 one, he ultimately signed the bill with conditions to raise amount to $2,000 again.

Many American expected the Trump’s last effort while in office and it was survived at the House flour but Today, the bill was blocked by the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. Stock Market went down in response.

Pres. Trump pointed that the bill should provide more for the Americans and not for the High Tech companies and foreign countries which is what many Americans agree with his last pitch. Treasury and the IRS said that they would work as soon as possible to deliver to many Americans who have suffered in the harsh economic climate.

Many healthcare workers are in danger at the line of virus war but many are still waiting for their vaccines, and they need more help but their revenue and funds had been cut in the beginning of the Trump administration.

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