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Social Distancing and Presidential Rallies

More than 119,923 Americans have died from the Coronavirus according to CDC as of June 22, 2020. Infection rates are climbing in areas previously marked as low: Florida, Texas, and Arizona. As the temperature climbs, many people are opting out of using masks or face coverings, going to the beach, or even the bars in many of these states.

It is true that compared with infection rates, deaths aren’t as many. But what about organ issues? On June 22, 2020, The Hill reported that about 40 percent of those infected by the Coronavirus (exclusive of fatal cases) were often left with life altering kidney failures necessitating the need for dialysis. This is known to affect people of all ages, and even those without preexisting kidney conditions. However, with high diabetes patients in the US, this is likely to have a terrible after-effect on the general population.

Last Saturday night, Trump campaign had a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Trump campaign expected a large turnout and was disappointed. That being said, the empty seats could have served as a good example of social distancing measure, spreading the crowd out and showing an effective approach by the Trump administration on handling public events while maintaining appropriate government-promoting social distancing measures.

As re-election approaches in November, we are all aware that there is little time left for his promotion, particularly due to COVID-19. However, blaming test frequency, other side, or any number of factors only serve to make him look less attractive to the population that might have thought him more suitable than the alternate option, Mr. Biden.

Mr. Trump needs to remember that he is not in the same position as he was in 2016, when he was running as the President for the first time. He is an incumbent, and the current President of the United States. As the current leader of the country, he needs to juggle the responsibilities of the office while also promoting his chances for a second term. These rash justifications and rationalizations only serve to make him look unprepared and weak against those opposing him.

Most importantly, thinking twice and saying it once may be the solution for 2020.


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