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Snoopy Trend Returns to the Delight of Gen Z and Older Generation

Snoopy is over 35o dog years old and still is on the enthusiasts’ hearts. In the recently updated Apple Watch, Snoopy can be seen jumping on the clock needles, walking, and jumping on the top of the watch. Aeropostale, a brand targeted towards mostly young high school students and college kids has also contracted to use PEANUTS characters on its clothing.

The post-World War II period was a transformative period for the world and the United States especially. By addressing even the most sensitive of topics, Snoopy encouraged people to question the values that created and enforced inequality in their society, such as racism, gender matters, and the Vietnam War. PEANUTS creator Charles M. Schulz created the iconic characters Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Woodstock to release tension that was so severe during the period.

After the Pandemic, Snoopy came again to save the Private ‘Ryans’ around the globe. Why the Charlie Brown not show up in our comic world as an honest person but the dog character, Snoopy? Snoopy’s endearing and imaginative life as a beloved beagle brings back memories of a perhaps simpler time in all our lives, when adults spoke in trombone sounds and we could exist in a blissful state of ignorance.

What kind of messages does the beagle want to present to us, traveling from the 1950s to 2023? We might need to ask that of ourselves as we stare at Snoopy’s funny antics on our Apple Watches or see its character on the Aeropostale t-shirts, made with 40 percent cotton and 60 percent polyester.

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