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“Scott Key Bridge” Collapses from Cargo Ship Collision

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The historical bridge Francis Scott Key Bridge (I-695) collapsed after being hit by a 948-foot container ship, “the Dali” around 1:30 am on Tuesday. The incident happened right after the container ship hit one of the pillars sending people and cars into the 50-foot-deep water. At the time of the incident, at least 8 construction workers were on the bridge to fix potholes and rescue 2 people in the water.

One of them was seriously injured according to NPR, the Dali was traveling from Baltimore to Sri Lanka and had issued a “Mayday” warning before the collision. Authorities controlled the traffic on the bridge preventing a greater disaster.

Authorities are on a search and rescue mission. The State of Maryland has issued a State Emergency to all the efforts to put into the rescue mission until the ‘non-survivability point.’ Maryland Governor Wes Moore said “We’re thankful that between the Mayday and the collapse we had officials who were able to begin to stop the flow of traffic, so more cars were not up on the bridge,” to reporters. He added that it was ‘shocking and heartbreaking’ to learn the Key Bridge had collapsed.

It could be worse if it happened in the rush hour as more than 35,000 people pass through this bridge daily, Maryland Transportation Secretary Paul J. Wiedefeld said.

Wiedefeld said in the morning briefing, that there was no structural issue on the bridge, and the 8 construction workers were “basically repairing potholes” as a routine. Maryland Governor Moore said that the bridge was “fully up to code” and Federal authorities, the Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers are cooperating with the mission efforts.

The Dali had at least 20 Indians boarded with 2 pilots, and it lost power at the time of the incident, according to NPR. The 1.6-mile-long Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, MD is under the water and the Dali was chartered by the global shipping and logistic company Maersk, which is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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