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Save the”Grizzly Giant”

As fires grow near Yosemite National Park, firefighters are working for protecting the 2.340 acres where the ancient sequoias trees reside at least for 3,000 years. The wildfire engulfed and doubled in size over the weekend in the park’s Mariposa Grove where more than 500 mature sequoias trees including the Grizzly Giant, a 209-foot long with about 3,000 years old reside.

Firefighters are setting up the springcular system to water and save this gigantic tree. According to the Los Angeles Times, “We really don’t want to leave this one to chance because this really is such an iconic tree,” forest ecologist Garrett Dickman said in a recent video showing sprinklers spraying water around the base of the Grizzly Giant.

About 550 firefighters have been assigned to this wildfire. According to the National Weather Service says “Drought conditions had improved significantly at the end of 2021 as California received record snowfall in the Sierra.

After a dry start to the year and now the dry season in place, drought conditions have worsened yet again. The dry conditions also are increasing forest fire concerns as we head into late summer. However, the wildfire was so intense and leaves the area vulnerable, due to hot and dry air in the California state. 2022 is the driest year on record, NOAA says.

A heat advisory was issued for the Central Valley sprawling below the Sierra, while up in the fire area, a high temperature of 88 degrees was forecast for the village of Wawona, where hundreds of tourists and residents were forced to evacuate Friday. According to NBC.

More than 35,000 wildfires have burned nearly 4.7 million acres in the U.S., according to the National Interagency Fire Center.


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