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Residents of D. C., Maryland, VA, and other Northeastern States Saw Possible Meteor Shower

Near the full moon in the sky, another bright sky show was presented, according to many residents, and they reported that they saw the bright orb flash across the sky in Maryland, Virginia, and upper Pennsylvania.

Some reported that they had seen fireballs as far as Canada. According to, more than 300 people from states in the Northeast and Canada saw the different levels of fireballs from the sky.

The fireballs can reach up to 160,000 miles/hour and most last only a few seconds. The definition of the fireball would be “a space rock that enters the atmosphere and burns up itself called a meteor or shooting star.” It is brighter than Venus and its size varies descending toward the earth.

If you want to see fireballs on a winter night in the northern hemisphere, February would be a good month to look up at the sky due to the evening fireball season starts in February and lasts until April, according to

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