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Republicans May Lose House Control

After Kevin McCarthy, a former Speaker of the House announced his resignation as a House Representative at the end of this month, most republican politicians are becoming concerned about the party’s control at the House as a majority.

There is only a narrow gap between the Republican party and the Democratic party as a majority in the House with a balance of 215-213 in January 2024. The Republicans are realizing that their dwindling numbers on the House floor will make passing their conservative agenda in the 2024 session difficult.

The GOP who are not on the House floor at the session in 2024 will be Kevin McCarthy (former Speaker of the House ), Patrick McHenry (former Speaker Pro Tempore ), Bill Johnson, and George Santos (expulsion).

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R, GA) wrote on X, “I can assure you Republican voters didn’t give us the majority to crash the ship,” and “Hopefully no one dies,” and blaming the Freedom Caucus (the right-wing) for inducing the legislative nightmare that led to McCarthy’s ousting from the House of Speaker.

Republican House members are seeking the impeachment of President Joe Biden. The GOP is challenging the agenda and falling short of the GOP with a narrow gap as a Majority.

Amidst the drama, one of 8 who voted to oust MaCarthy as a House Speaker, Bob Good (VA) was elected as a Chairman of the Freedom Caucus Today with a drama involved. As the Freedom Caucus continues to be seen as a weakening element within the Republican Party, the Democratic Party once again sees possible gains in the House.

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