Regular Physical Activity Can Reduce Non-communicable diseases

After the pandemic, work-from-home jobs are hot in the job market. Still, workers are having more difficulty fitting in the community where they are residing due to overloading jobs that institutions and government organizations are pouring more into the workers.

Most of the employees at work home don’t have time to do physical exercise or go out for a walk after work due to work-from-home jobs being more demanding with house chores, caring for children, and workload. Many studies for the workers at home especially chair sitting for long hours at work, which will threaten health at the end of the day.

A recent study from in the U.K., that physical activity will reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases which are not spread through infection or contracted from other people, but are typically caused by unhealthy behaviors. They are the leading cause of death worldwide.

The non-communicable diseases are cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes, cancers, and mental health outcomes. The WHO estimated that 500 million new cases will occur globally between 2020 to 2030. If that level of physical activity stays for a short time then more than 21 billion pounds a year in treatment costs will have occurred according to the Global Status Report,

Natural environments support recreational physical activity, with this new study focusing particularly on places such as beaches and coast, countryside, and open spaces in towns and cities like parks. More out to nature to reduce the risk of non-communicational disease as the result of the study.

Maybe the traditional work-a-day frame is better for keeping up healthy, at least 9-5, 8-4, and the 8 hours of work a day which is done for the day, replenishing, refreshing for the next day. Although reducing the commuting time, and saving expenses from all necessary business dress codes, they had to do more work and less time of leisure after all. Regular physical activity is a way of treating the mind and body to be as it should be.  Simplicity is the best answer sometimes, and finally, we all need to take a break for quality lifestyles.


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