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Rare 1800s Korean Art Found in Manassas, VA

金声根 (海士 金聲根 – 해사 김성근)(1835-1919) was the uncle of 徐载弼/徐載弼(朝鲜语:서재필,1864年—1951年)(서재필,Philip Jaisohn)

(Dr. Philip Jaisohn : Jae- Pil Seo)

A local Chinese Art Owner has acquired a painting from Dr. Philip Jaisohn, also known as Jae-Pil Seo, the first naturalized Korean-American and one of the most influential writer in the Korean Independence movement during the 1910-1920’s.

Dr. Seo fought for Korean independence from the Japanese Empire and was convicted of treason in 1884, and was sentenced to death. However, he managed to escape Korea and sought refuge in the United States. He was granted refugee status and in 1890, became the first Korean to acquire US citizenship. He studied medicine at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and was the first Korean to receive an American MD degree. He was able to return to his homeland, now officially known as South Korea/Republic of Korea briefly later in life, but did not stay and passed away at the age of 87 in 1951. His statue stands in front of the South Korean embassy in D.C.

The artwork of was painted by his uncle Sung-Keun Kim and depicts a pair of deers, male and female.

The owner of the Gallery, “Art Discovery Institute,” Mr. Lin expressed his wishes to sell the piece to a Korean if at all possible, given the historical value such artwork holds.

Anyone interested should contact the editor at for more information.


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