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Quasar J059-4351 Eats One Sun A Day

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A supermassive quasar J059-4351 eats up and is fed by a gigantic black hole detected by Scientists in Australia. This quasar eats a star the size of the Sun every day, and it is not too far from our Earth. This quasar is growing so fast, and its accretion rate is unfathomable with power never seen before.

According to, quasars are the remarkably bright core of active galaxies in the distant universe, and they are an extreme form of what astronomers call “active galactic nuclei” or AGN for short.

The fastest-growing black hole ever recorded – devouring the equivalent of one sun every day – has been discovered by researchers at The Australian National University (ANU). On the ANU website, the lead author Associate Professor Christian Wolf said, it’s a record he doesn’t think will ever be beaten.

“The incredible rate of growth also means a huge release of light and heat,” Associate Professor Wolf said, “So, this is also the most luminous known object in the universe. It’s 500 trillion times brighter than our sun.”

Co-author Dr Christopher Onken added: “It’s a surprise it remained undetected until now, given what we know about many other, less impressive black holes. It was hiding in plain sight.”

The black hole has a mass roughly 17 billion times that of our solar system’s Sun. This particular quasar, J059-4351, is located 12 billion light-years away.

“It looks like a gigantic and magnetic storm cell with temperatures of 10,000 degrees Celsius, lightning everywhere and winds blowing so fast they would go around Earth in a second,” Associate Professor Wolf said.

“We were only able to make these discoveries because of The Australian Government’s 10-year partnership with the European Southern Observatory (ESO).”

The research was done in collaboration with the ESO, the University of Melbourne, and the Sorbonne Université in France.

The researchers’ findings are published in Nature Astronomy.

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