PWC Women’s Leadership Luncheon

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On May 9, 2015, Prince William County National Organization for Women (PWC NOW) held women’s leadership luncheon in Manassas, VA. About 50 people in Prince William County showed up for this celebratory event.  Andrea O. Bailey (Candidate, Prince William County Board of County Supervisors), Elizabeth A. Miller (Candidate of District 32 of Virginia  House of Delegates) and other candidates congratulated the first birthday of PWCNOW and its continued development for women’s rights.

President of PWC NOW, Hala Ayala stated, “Joining  PWC NOW inspired me to carry the torch for equal rights for everyone in our community. I am impacted by inequities in the world, which establish different standards to define women and men. All human beings deserve equality and a voice. I want to expand grassroots efforts to bring about change. I am grateful for the support of men and women of Prince William County who join me in this journey.”

In a brief interview with Nancy Waltz (Vice President of PWCNOW) stated, “Men and women in Prince William County are seeking to connect with each other to live in a better place and in equality.”

Dan Show, 13th District of Virginia Delegate candidate, stated, “I believe in equal pay for equal work and equality of opportunity for all Virginians. I want my daughters to live in a world where the limits of their recognition and potential are not restricted because they are women.”

Jeremy McPike (Candidate for District 29 of Virginia Senate) strongly asserted the unfairness of city zoning ordinance that unfairly targets women’s health centers in Manassas, VA. The City mayor Hal Parrish and the city council, this law unfairly burdens women’s health. He promised to stand for women’s health and to fix the discrimination against women.

Anyone who wants to join this PWC NOW contact the President Hala Ayala or Nancy Waltz.
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