PWC Chapter of Virginia Writer’s Club and Poetry Society of Virginia Present “In the Company of Laureates”


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On October 11, Poetry Society of Virginia and Write by the Rails (Virginia Writer’s Club PWC Chapter) hosted a special event for the laureate poets to celebrate American Poetry. Laureate poets came from states: Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia. The event took place at the Hylton Performing Arts Center on George Mason University’s Science and Technology Campus in Manassas. The event brought local writers, creative writing pursuers, and enthusiastic poetry lovers to Manassas.

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has sent a congratulatory letter of greeting and encouraging to the gathering.

Writer’s Tables in the lobby presented authors’ autobiography and sold copies of their works. It allowed the amateur and local writers to chat with publishers and obtain publishing information.

June Forte (Writer, Photographer, Speaker) remarked and welcomed the audience to Prince William County. From Merchant Hall to Gregory Family Theater, the entire area was filled with passion and heat from performers and the audience.

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JoAnn Balingit (Poet Laureate),  Kelly Cherry (Poet Laureate Emerita of Virginia), Samantha Drake (Poet Laureate Emerita-Daily Press,2012), Bill Glose (Poet Laureate Emeritus, Daily Press, 2011), Zan Hailey (PWC Poet Laureate), Marc Harshman (Poet Laureate of West Virginia), Samuel Hazo (Poet Laureate Emeritus of Pensylvania), Tori Lane Kovarik (Poet Laureate of the City of Alexandria), Dr. Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda (Poet Laureate Emerita of Virginia 2006-2008), Merrill Leffler (Poet Laureate in Takoma Park, MD), Mary McElveen (Poet Laureate Emerita of the City of Alexandria 2007-2010), Dr. Robert Scott (PWC Poet Laureate), Ron Smith (Poet Laureate of VA), Sofia Starnes (Poet Laureate  Emerita of VA), and Shelby Stephenson (Poet Laureate of NC) presented their poems, which permeated the hearts of the audience.

In a panel discussion of “Experimentation and Inspirational Poets,” JaAnn Balighit (Poet Laureate of Delaware), Zan Hailey (PWC Poet laureate), Dr. Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda (Poet Laureate Emerita of VA, 2006-2008), Ron Smith (Poet Laureate of VA), and Sofia Starnes (Poet Laureate Emerita of VA, 2012-2014) discussed poetry in general as experimentation of daily life, and encouraged readers to living in a better world, and to become inspired by the world.

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In a panel of “At War on Word,” Dr. Frederick Foote, M.D. (Scholar, Institute for Integrative Health), Bill Glose (Poet Laureate Emeritus, Daily Press 2011, a former paratrooper, Gulf War veteran), James Mathews, and Claudia Gary (Author of Humor Me) discussed how poem and poetry could be used to heal people, as well as turn into weapons that can destroy a mind.

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Isabella Perelman’s song and Ron Goad’s drumming attracted audience’s attention, and  laura J.Bobrow’s poetic storytelling seemed to comfort the audience from their hectic daily lives, as her rhymes became reminiscent of a grandmother’s lullaby.

Anyone interested in experiencing a more romantic or idealistic view of their world through poetry and literature may find a supportive community here in Prince William County; visit for more information.

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