President Obama signs bill to revamp federal child care aid


On Nov. 19, 2014(GMT), President Obama signs bill to improve for the  faculties and staffs in Federal  Child Care  Aid.

According to the AP, Federally subsidized child care providers will have to conduct criminal background checks on their workers and undergo a yearly inspection under legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama on Wednesday.

President Obama said ” This bill will improve safety and quality of child care, plus give working parents more peace of mind.”

This program is for low-income parents who work  are enrolling  in school, job training, who need protective services and last year,  it served an estimated $1.5million children under age 13 with $ 5.3 billion a year program.

The new law will have requirements to states conducting at least one inspection yearly basis and all staffs who work at facilities need safety and first aid training.


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