People can still apply for DACA 2012

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Since Texas State Court ordered temporary injunction last Monday, many people felt devastation set in as their dreams of living together as families crumbled.
On February 18th, The National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA) hosted a press conference regarding DACA 2012 program. Reps. Mike Honda and Judy Chu emphasized the importance of AAPI voting power and why AAPI groups should be more active in political arena.
Rep. Judy Chu stated 8% of Undocumented AAPI communities are eligible for the DACA program but only 2% applied. She encouraged community leaders to step up and encourage the other 6% of undocumented AAPI people to apply for protection as well. She said, “more than 1 million undocumented AAPI individuals would be affected horribly under this temporary injunction.”

Rep. Honda emphasized the importance of DACA and DAPA in protecting illegal immigrants from various issues, and that those who are eligible should apply, as the court did not put an injunction on the DACA 2012 program.

DJ Yoon from NAKASEC mentioned that he received more than 20 calls per day since November last year asking about the DACA and DAPA programs. He critized politicians who don’t value family nor those living in the “shadows” due to their immigration status.

Those eligible should visit USCIS.Gov for more information or click the link below:


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