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[Opinion] Palm Reading leads more job cutting in Tech Companies?

AIs are replacing human jobs and workloads in some workplaces. Now, Amazon sells business software and its service to the U.S. cafe chain Panera Bread, and consumers’ eyes are wide open. This new software allows people to pay by opening their palms in front of the scanner at the cash register. According to, Amazon started to sell such business software in June 2022 and has provided for more than 69 locations in U.S. and UK.

Amazon One device is a scanning system for regular customers that let customers scan their plans to pay, with two locations in greater St. Louis. Kumar said the deployment would expand to 10-20 Panera cafes in the coming months. Vice President Dilip Kumar from Amazon said the e-commerce and cloud-computing giant is widening the deployment of its contactless technology with existing customers, in an interview with Reuters.

“More than 50 of the installations were with the likes of independent retailers, stadiums, and university customers, and the rest were in Whole Foods and other Amazon stores,” he added.

AI and automation are seemingly threatening when it comes to people and their ability to retain and keep their jobs. Since November 2022, Amazon has cut jobs by a total of 27,000. Tech companies are cutting jobs like relay races now a day.

Due to the harsh economic climate, many businesses are liquidating their inventories and selling off their businesses or just closing. Meta cut 10,000 jobs in 2023, Google cut 12,000 in January, and Microsoft laid off 10,000 employees in January 2023.

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