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One of Leading Pork Processing Company closes due to COVID-19 Contraction

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and the mayor of Sioux Falls recommended at the Saturday news briefing to the Smithfield company that it’s suspending operation due to Smithfield employees contracting more than half of the state’s coronavirus cases.

Gov. Noem said about 240 Smithfield employees are sick out of 430 total active cases in the state. As a result, Smithfield Company in South Dakota will be closed for at least for 2 weeks. Meat processors in Iowa and Pennsylvania will also be closed because of coronavirus affected employees.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota facility accounts for 4%-5% of the US pork production and about 3,700 people work at South Dakota’s Smithfield facilities.

The employees will be on paid leave for 2 weeks while the plant is fully shut down. US consumers should expect to see some decline in the availability of pork products as a result of this shutdown.


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