No pain and no gain in CA, Too strong storm hit CA drought



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According to NBC News on Dec.12, 2014,Rescuing people in everywhere on the road, house and overflowed river due to the strong storm hit in southern CA.

The heavy rain leaded to a mudslide on the residental areas where more than 10 houses were covered rocks and mud from the mountain.  Most of residents are elders were rescued by rescue teams.

The gust hit the buliding of grocery store in San Hose, collapsed roof , damaged goods and cars collided roadways in the rain 10 times more than normal.

Desperately needed rain but  California can’t hold  2 inches of rain in 1hour.

According to the HuffingtonPost,

“California’s largest reservoir, Lake Shasta, had a welcome increase in its water level, jumping from 25 percent of capacity on Tuesday to 29 percent Thursday, according to the California Department of Water Resources.”


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