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NCAPA Statement on Shutdown and Border Wall

The National Council of Asian Pacific Americans on Government Shutdown and the Border Wall

Washington, DC—In response to President Trump’s recent proposal to end the government shutdown by trading a temporary extension of TPS and DACA for his border wall, the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA) National Director, Gregg Orton issued the following statement:

“President Trump’s most recent proposal to end the government shutdown is an uninspired act of political theater. The shutdown, the termination of TPS and ending DACA are all crises that were manufactured by the President himself. By offering DACA and TPS extensions for his wall, the President has offered an ultimately ineffective solution in exchange for another ineffective solution. Democrats are right to reject this. Our country deserves better.

President Trump’s unhealthy obsession with building a wall is inflicting massive damage upon America. This shutdown has gone on for nearly a month. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are not getting paid; and because many are unable to do the jobs they wish to do; there is cascading disruption across our economy. It is painfully ironic that the fabricated and overexaggerated threat that President Trump’s wall would supposedly protect us from is now dwarfed by the actual, very real threat of this record-setting and continuing shutdown.

The AAPI community is all-too-familiar with being told ‘you do not belong,’ or government-sanctioned exclusion by the government. This is why we stand with the majority of Americans in rejecting this current xenophobic crusade.

The President continues to cripple the country to prove that he does not like immigrants, while seemingly failing to grasp that a wall is ineffective border security investment, despite overwhelming evidence. It is time for the President to accept an age old-truth of politics: you win some; you lose some; and it is long past due for Republicans to rise to the occasion of leading when their leader will not.”

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