NAKASEC, Weekly DACA Office Hours and In-state tuition for DACA recipients`

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Oct.9, 2014, NACASEC (National Korean American Service & Education Consortium) had a press conference with TheDream.US at the Annandale, VA office. At the press conference, NACASEC announced that NACASEC will open the Annandale office once a week base for assisting first-time and renewing applicants for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).


Dong Yoon, NACASEC’s Program Associate said, “NAKASEC has worked with VACOLAO (Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations), who has been engaged with community members from all walks of life for immigrant rights. Through their work and leadership, in – state for DACA recipients is available, giving hope to thousands fo Dreamers. The work and role of TheDream.US are critical and vital to our youth in providing hope and opportunities for their future. We will work continuously with VOCALO, TheDream.US, community members, and organizations from all walks of life to make sure that Dreamers, their parents, and all new Americans and aspiring citizens may archieve members to apply for DACA so that Dreamers are one step closer to achieving their dreams and goals.

Gaby Pacheco from TheDream.US stated,” Being a  DREAMer is something that was planted in our hearts by our families, our parents came to this nation with a dream for a better future for their children, and it’s up to us to seise the opportunities that lie in front of us like this scholarship. Education is a tool that opens the doors of the opportunity. At TheDream.US we believe tat we have a responsibility to help those who seek a college education to obtain one. Helping young people go to college will not only affect the lives of the young people going to college, but as well their family, community and the entire country.”

Edgar Aranda-Yanoc, Chair of Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations stated, “VACOLAO congratulates TheDream.US on partnering with the Northern Virginia Community College and George Mason University on providing scholarships to New Americans and aspiring citizen students. VACOLAO has worked continuously for immigrant rights, including in-state tuition for all immi9grant students, regardless of status, and this schorarship will assist many young Dreamers make their dreams and hopes a reality. We encourage all students who qualify to apply for the scholarship and be engaged with us in bringing all aspiring citizen’s dreams a reality soon.”

Students can apply for TheDream.US scholarships here :

Questions or more information write to : or calling at

1-507-931-1682 and asking for the THEDREAM.US Scholarship Program.

NACASEC Office Hours for the DACA :

Every Thursday, 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Appointment or Walk in

Office: 1-703-256-2208

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