NAKASEC, KRC, KRCC Deliver AAPI 60 Organizational Sign-On Letter to President and Congress

이민법 개정안, 60개 조직들이 하나로 뭉쳤다.

오바마 대통령은 11월 20 저녁 8시에 백악관에서 이민법 개정안에 대해 언급을 할 예정이다.

나카섹을 비롯한 60개 조직들은 성명서를 발표하고 사인을 해서 오바마 대통령께, 그리고 좐 뵈이너 하원대표에게 보냈다고 전했다.

Washington DC- NAKASEC delivered an AAPI sign-on letter, signed by 60 organizations from 11 different states and Washington DC, to the White House, Department of Homeland, and Department of Justice on Wednesday, November 19 and hand-delivered the letter to leaders of Congress on Thursday, November 20. The letter was also sent to the White House and leaders of Congress on Tuesday, November 18.

Sign-on Letter Delivery to Speaker Boehner’s Office

The letter, demonstrating the immense AAPI support for bold administrative relief nationwide, was initiated by NAKASEC and its affiliates, KRC and KRCC, along with KACS, KAN-WIN, AFIRE, CASL, CAA, National CAPACD, and SEARAC.

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