NAKASEC Encourages to AAPI Communities to Vote on Nov. 3 For General and Special Election in VA

10월29일 버지니아 애난데일에 소재한 NACASEC 은 버지니아에 살고 있는 아시안 – 아메리칸 유권자들에게 오는 11월 3일에 열리는 선거에 꼭 참석할 것을 권유하는 핫 라인을 개통하고, 선거를 모니터링하겠다고 밝혔다.  선거일에 반드시 지참해야 할 신분증을 확인해서 선거일에 무탈하게 투표를 할 수 있도록 해야 한다고 김동윤 프로그램 디렉터는 말했다.

선거일인 11월 3일 오전 6시부터 오후 7시까지 투표를 할 수 있으며, 줄을 서 있는 상태에서 7시가 넘었어도 투표는 할 수 있다고 한다.

신분증의 종류는 다음과 같다.

운전 면허증, 공무원 신분증,  군인 신분증, 버지니아주에 있는 대학 학생증, 회사 신분증 (사진 부착) 등이 유효하다.

미리 자신이 어느 지역 선거구에 해당되는 지 한 번 살펴보면 훨씬 시간 절약도 할 수 있고 마음도 편하다.

ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA — The National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC) is actively engaging the Korean American and Asian American community in Virginia this November election through phone banking, petition drives, and poll monitoring, as well as opening its office as a Korean hotline for assistance or concerns on Tuesday, November 3, Election Day. NAKASEC is asking all registered community members to vote this November 3rd for the General Assembly elections.

Dong Yoon Kim, Program Director at NAKASEC, said: “We ask all Korean American and Asian American community members to go out to the polls this November 3rd and vote on behalf of issues including school budget cuts, affordable education, and medicaid expansion that impact immigrant youth, parents, and our overall community. All seats are up for election and we need your vote. Please call our office with any questions or concerns on, before, or after election day.”

Please see below for information to prepare for election day:

When to vote: Tuesday, November 3rd. Polls will be open from 6 am to 7 pm.
Anyone in line at 7:00 p.m. will be allowed to vote.

Where to vote: Look up your polling place here:

What to bring: a photo identification (photo ID)
All of the acceptable forms of photo ID can be used up to a year after ID has expired.

These photo IDs include:

  • Valid Virginia Driver’s License or Identification Card
  • Valid Virginia DMV issued Veteran’s ID card
  • Valid United States Passport
  • Other government-issued photo identification cards (must be issued by US Government, the Commonwealth of Virginia, or a political subdivision of the Commonwealth)
  • Valid college or university student photo identification card (must be from an institution of higher education located in Virginia)
  • Employee identification card containing a photograph of the voter and issued by an employer of the voter in the ordinary course of the employer’s business
  • For a more detailed list of acceptable IDs

What’s on my ballot:
Find out who is on your ballot here:


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