Multiple Cars Record Real Shooter at Night in Silver Spring, MD

Last year on December 13, in the middle of the night on the busy street in the heart of downtown Silver Spring Maryland, many clubgoers were shocked by gun shoots. Cars that were parked on the street silently collected all the pieces of evidence. A Tesla EV’s video camera was recording what was really going on that night.

Multiple records showed that the Thayer Avenue and Mayor Lane, a Chrysler scraped an illegally parked Mercedes in an alley. Two men jumped on the windshield of the Chrysler and twitched at the doors but the driver fled as a gunman, identified as John Tomlinson grabbed a handgun from an SUV. Tomlinson ran over and opened fire 9 times. Many people in the clubs lowered their postures on the floor and one bullet hit a building right next to where some of the people had been standing.

According to WUSA, Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy called the shooting “callous behavior.” He also stated that “It’s a miracle no one was killed,” The Tesla captured the best picture of John Tomlinson firing, and the owner of the car contacted local police to share the footage.

Within 45 days after the incident, the police caught John Tomlinson who had two guns in his possession. “They identified the one of gunmen from the video,” McCarthy said. “A detective said ‘I know that guy!’ That’s how we identified the shooter.” The other man on the video who jumped on the Chrysler, Osman Sesay was shot to death by police two weeks later in another violent incident.

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