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Moderna Claims COVID-19 Vaccine Success, but what is the Truth?

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Moderna is the leading biotechnology company in Massachusetts, and on Monday, it announced that phase I coronavirus testing for human vaccination purposes yielded safe and effective results.

The results have not yet been published in peer-reviewed scientific journal. However, market reacted positively, with company’s stock seeing a sharp soar of $66.69 per share to $83 in one day.

However, some are concerned that this is yet another biotech firm “fake and pull out” situation similar to that of Gilead, as Monsef Slaoui, one of the directors stepped down days ago, requiring him to sell his stocks. His options are worth $10 million at $66.69 per share, but with $83 per share, he will see great profit when selling his shares.

Another issue is Moderna’s receipt of $483 million from a federal agency by the name of Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, and many congress people are alerting the conflict of interest between federal and business co-op, that seems to generate great revenue but no firm results.

As the World continues to seek and develop vaccines to fight against COVID-19, these brief moments of hope that flickers and dies is hardly helpful to the overall economy; instead, it fuels distrust amongst the citizens, who wait patiently yet frustrated in their homes waiting for vaccines and getting no results but news of biotechnology company stocks going up in price per share.

First, Gilead, now Moderna. Who will come next for a little stock market boost?


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