Missing Woman in Utah Found Alive after 5 Months

Back in November, a Utah woman was found to be missing near a trailhead. However, after continued investigation, she was found living in a tent. She had been last seen in the Diamond Fork area of Spanish Fork Canyon and reported missing after a U.S. Forest Service Official found an abandoned car in a campground parking lot.

After attempting to locate her back in November to alert her to camping seasons, they found they could not find her and towed the car and the camping equipment. They’d continuously attempted to find information on the missing woman, including anyone who might know her but was generally unsuccessful until last weekend, when a USCO sergeant returned to the area with a nonprofit aerial search group.

The drone they were using to survey the area crashed, forcing the two people to attempt to retrieve it, only to find what seemed to be an abandoned tent. There, they met the woman. She had lost significant weight and was weak, but also was “resourceful,” as due to the limited food and water supply, she foraged for grass and moss along with a nearby river for food and water.

Officials now believe she had made the conscious decision to live out in the area. They took her to a nearby hospital for health evaluation and mental health assessment, but some do believe she might return to continue living as she had done for the past 5 months.

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