Meteor showers from Sky astonish Vermont residents

Photo from NASA
Last Sunday, around 5:38 p.m., Mother Nature shows the residents under the sky how she has replenished her life and rejuvenated by herself. Obviously, people under the sky looked at the sky where it rained. The lights fall event has never been expected in the middle of the day.
Especially, North America, the state of Vermont was rattled by the unexpected guest that the big fireball rock, around 10 pounds of weight from the sky fell to the earth to astonish people with big surprised eyes.

According to NASA Meteor Watch on its Facebook, more than 100 people saw the meteor showers in the local time 5:38 p.m. Sunday, “There was no sound whatsoever,” Al Gregoritsch of South Burlington told  WPTZ. “I was very excited to see it. It’s a phenomenon I will never forget.”

The meteor was seen traveling northeast across 33 miles — from Mount Mansfield State Forest to Beach Hill in Orleans County south of Newport., the agency said.
NASA Meteor Watch wrote on Facebook, adding that the meteor was moving at over 42,000 miles per hour. “About 30 miles up, the pressure difference between front and back exceeded its structural strength. The space rock fragmented violently, producing a pressure wave that rattled buildings and generated the sound heard by those near the trajectory. Such a pressure wave can also couple into the ground, causing minor “tremors” that can be picked up by seismic instruments in the area; the wave itself can be detected by infrasound (low-frequency sound that can travel great distances) stations.”

SNS post has more than 500 comments. In addition to Vermont, people also reported seeing it in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and the Canadian province of Québec, and end of February, the UK also had meteor showers too.

Experts say that 48.5 tons of meteorite hit the atmosphere every day.

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