Massive Saharan Air Layer To Hit US Soon

Caribbean is suffering from one of the worst dust storms in recent history, from of all places, The Sahara. Sahara Air Layer is a massive dust storm that forms in early spring, summer, and late fall, and it crosses the North Atlantic every three to five days, occupying a 2 to 2.5-mile thick layer of the Earth’s atmosphere with the base about 1 mile above surface.

Over the weekend, the blue skies of the Caribbean were dusty brown gray with the Saharan dust. Along with the horrible sky, the Caribbean is seeing one of the worst air quality in recent history.

The dust storm is expected to hit Texas by Thursday, and spread across other parts of the country, to include the mid-Atlantic. While this dry air is likely to weaken tropical storms and hurricane developments, it could cause allergic issues for those who are sensitive.

However, the dust storm will also bring beautiful sunsets and sunrises, so those who aren’t sensitive may want to document the event with the cameras.


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