Manassas City Park Planning Commission Surveys Residents to Update Kinsley Mill Park

The city of Manassas Planning Commission reached out to its residents to get better ideas for developing Kensley Mill Park on Hasting Rd last Saturday.

The Planners’ team came out to Kensley Park to explain what the city is planning in order to make the park more friendly, useful, and safe while in use.

Neighbors stopped by and got information about the park and how it will be changed in the near future. One of planners showed four different type of options and let users to choose favorites and listened to why he/she chose it.

In a brief interview, the planner said they have $145,000 in the budget for the project and stated that city council already approved it.

In addition, the City of Manassas has 10 parks, and they can be reserved ahead of time for use with fee $50-80 (minimum 3 hours) for family events such as wedding party, ceremony, or organizational gatherings, etc.

To reserve your spot :

If you want to get more information and pitch your idea for a better park, then contact

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