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Man Worked for 42 years on Minimum Wage Gets Terrible Send-off

An elderly man, John Bartlett (70+ ) worked in a warehouse for 42 years at minimum wage. But that’s not what got him more attention from the outside workplace than his workplace. On his last day of work, he only got a certificate and a sub-par barbeque. His coworker Sonia shared a clip showing just how unappreciated John was by the company that he loved to work at for so long.

Sonia noted on it, “Today is my co-worker’s last day. he worked for this company for 42 years making minimum wage, and the company only threw him a barbecue and gave him a certificate. He takes the bus and BART to get here every day on time. He’s 70+.” According to Indy100, Sonia added, “He loves working here so much he didn’t want to retire-[He got] No bonus, just a barbecue and a certificate. Don’t be a slave to your job. Thank you John for your royalty.”

The video was deleted now but the video itself garnered a hundred thousand viewers and more than thousands of comments from people on social media.

Sonia started a GoFundMe in response and helping hands have been flooding into this man’s account raising $68,178 since the GoFundMe account was created.

Sonia plans to print out names and messages from John’s supporters. All of the supporters of John appreciated John’s hard work and his dedication over all those years.

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