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Maldives and China’s Newest Friendship

China’s marine research vessel got a love letter from the Maldives to dock its territory on the archipelagos of the country.  The Maldives brought great attention to the globe after the Muizzu government gave a permit to China to dock. The research vessel from China, Xiang Yang Hong 03 is heading to its destination. According to officials, “the vessel will reportedly rotate crew and resupply in port before heading back out to sea and will not conduct any research while in Maldives’ waters,”

The Foreign Ministry said it had received a “diplomatic request” from Beijing for permission to dock. A Foreign Ministry statement noted that “The Maldives has always been a welcoming destination for vessels of friendly countries, and continues to host both civilian and military vessels making port calls for peaceful purposes.” According to DW, a neighboring country, India is looking uncomfortable seeing Chinese vessels come through the Indian Ocean.

It seems like the initiating of the pro-China president, Mohamed Muizzu promised to kick ‘India out’ of his presidential election bid in November 2023. President Muizzu visited Beijing to meet with the president of China, Xi Jinping after he was elected.

India is watching this country consisting of atolls, one of the ecocentric countries, and hiding its ambition as the potential hot spot toward the Pacific Ocean and beyond. India and China are turning their heads to islands with names of the other purpose and research activities.

India sees China as a regional threat and has raised concerns over its maritime activities in the Indian Ocean, and conflicts between South Asian countries. China disguised many countries throughout its history for the expansion of its territory. India, Sri Lanka, and neighboring countries are watching China’s maritime activities carefully.

After President Muizzu visited Xi Jinping in Beijing, he planned out India from its health care system, medicine, and staple goods. He called for a meeting with Indian officials to remove 75 Indian soldiers from Maldives’s facilities by mid-March.

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