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Luggage Returns to Owner after 5 Years

Carriers handled almost 393 million bags in 2021, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. They lost over 2 million bags which is 0.51% of all checked bags. Pre-COVID-19 numbers were higher with a 0.59% loss. The percentage loss goes up during busy holiday travel, as of Nov 22, 2022.

An Oregonian lady just received a phone call from United Airlines saying that they found the luggage that belongs to her. According to Narcity USA, The owner of the luggage never found her luggage after she checked onboard a 2018 United Airlines flight. She was told that the luggage showed up in Houston, Texas last week.

In a TikTok video, the owner, Gavin posted on Monday that she was never able to find a suitcase that got lost almost five years ago during a work trip to Chicago, IL and she reunited with it in 2023. The woman said the lost luggage was told to have stopped in Honduras during that span of time. She filed a claim for lost luggage after she couldn’t find hers more than 4 years ago. The luggage was untouched during the international trip.

Airlines do maintain a tracking system for luggage.

If you lose your luggage on United Airlines, the website says:

  • If we’re unable to find your bags after five days, we’ll pay you $1,500 per bag for the value of the bags and its contents without requiring documentation. This includes any fees you paid to check your bags. Contact us at the Baggage Recovery Center to get this process started:

    If the value of your lost bags and their contents is more than $1,500, you can submit a claim form with documentation and receipts to claim up to $3,800 for domestic U.S. flights. This maximum value is $1,900 for international flights.

That being said, it is probably safer to keep the valuables in your carry-ons instead.

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