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“Love of Italian Cooking” Helps to an Arrest of Italian Mob Criminal

An Italian mob criminal, Marc Feren Claude Biart (53) was arrested by Interpol in the Dominican Republic. According to Interpol, They tracked down Biart and his wife via their Youtube videos, where the couple engaged in Italian cooking.  Birat hides his face at all times, but he couldn’t hide his tattoos. Interpol noticed the particular tattoo on his arms and tracked him down.

Biart had been wanted on drug trafficking charges since 2014, and he and his wife lived for 5 years in this Caribean island. The authority stated Biart is a member of the ‘Ndrngheta, a powerful and notorious crime syndicate that originated in the southern region of Calabria. The Ndrngheta has expanded worldwide.

Interpol said his “love for Italian cuisine” made the arrest possible at the statement reported by NBC News. Biart is accused of trafficking cocaine into the Netherlands. He was arrested last Wednesday and arrived in Italy this week according to Interpol Twitter.

Interpol said that the two key members Biart and Francesco Pelle are now in custody. Pelle was convicted in Italy of ordering the revenge killing of a mobster’s wife and arrested Monday in Portugal at a clinic where he was reportedly being treated for COVID-19, according to AP.

The biggest Mafia in Italy, The Ndrangheta has 355 suspected mobsters and political officials who are related to this mafia face charges of murder, drug trafficking, extortion, and money laundering according to the BBC.


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