Korean Church Coalition’s 2014 Leader Internship Conference in Washington, D.C.

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On June 13, 2014, Korean Church Coalition (KCC) held a press conference at the Sul Ak Garden Restaurant in Annandale, VA about the upcoming event called “2014 Leader Internship Conference at Washington DC” planned for July 14-17, 2014. Since 2004, KCC has held a Summer Internship Conference in Washington, D.C. This year, the slogan will be “Voice of the Freedom in North Korea!” The planned events include protesting at the West Lawn of the Capitol Hill and a Walkathon at the White House near Lafayette Square with two goals: North Korea Child Welfare Act (H.R. 1464), passed and signed by President Obama in Jan. 2013.  KCC is seeking the US Government  be more to be more active in enforcing the law for orphans from North Korea’s defectors.

Second demand is the passage of H.R. 1771, which furthers pressure on North Korea by pushing financial sanctions against North Korea by all nations and states.  H.R. 1771 did not pass in 2012.This conference serves as an opportunity for students who have learned of the government process, to learn to lobby the House representatives, get attention on the issue, and pass the bill as law.

The KCC is Christian-based non-profit national organization for “North Korea Freedom,” and focuses on humanitarian needs.

KCC stands up as a voice for defectors, orphans from North Korea, and to take this issue to Congressmen make the law for freedom and hope for the future in North Korea.

***This program is designed for second generation of Korean-Americans and is open to Christian high school, college and graduate students only.

If you want to know this program or question inquiries, contact at

Phone: 800-222-7082 / 714-736-9901

Please visit for more information.

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