KCCD Announces API Jobs Initiative and Training Programs

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Los Angeles, CA – On Wednesday, June 14, 2017, Korean Churches for Community Development (KCCD) soon to be known as Faith and Community Empowerment (FACE), in partnership with Community Career Development, Inc.(CCD) held a press conference to announce several training opportunities which can lead to job opportunities through its API JOBS (Job Opportunities & Business Success) Initiative.

KCCD/FACE, as lead agency, won a grant funded by the City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department to launch the API JOBS Initiative. This historic initiative, in partnership with CCD and other Worksource Centers, will serve the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community in Los Angeles to obtain vocational training, career pathways, community and social services to linguistically isolated participants.

“We are extremely happy to be partnering with KCCD/FACE on this initiative.” Stated CCD Executive Director Alberto Uribe. He shared that CCD has been in existence for over 40 years serving the greater Los Angeles area in providing workforce and economic development training and programs, with an intent to place prospective applicants into career pathways. “Making these programs more available to participants, in this program, which is focused on members of the API community” is a welcomed opportunity for the Worksource Center, Mr. Uribe said.

In addition, KCCD/FACE President Hyepin Im shared of the transportation sector’s growth, specifically with Metro. “Metro is on the verge of amazing growth, due to the passage of Measure M.” She stated. Through Measure M, billions of dollars of contracting and job opportunities, along with expansion of the infrastructure of the Los Angeles County area will be available in the coming years.

Starting in July 2017, the Biotech Academy and Bus Operator Training Academy will be available, with all training done through Los Angeles Valley College. Rhonda Rose, Director of Economic and Workforce Development at CCD, explained the specifics behind both of the training programs. There is no cost to be enrolled in the trainings but all those interested must attend an orientation and meet eligibility requirements.

The Biotech Academy is a six-week training covering a wide variety of medical and bio techniques. Upon successful completion of the training, prospective applicants will be eligible to work at some of the pharmaceutical companies within the greater Los Angeles area. Employment opportunities can range from entry-level to manager/supervisor and specialized positions. Positions include Manufacturing Technician, Laboratory Technician, and Chemical Technicians. Entry-level positions range from $12-13 an hour with manager/supervisor and specialized technician positions ranging from $20+ an hour.

The Bus Operator Training Academy (BOTA) is a two-week training with Metro, one of the largest transit companies in the United States. A “high demand training”, skills learned during BOTA will prepare individuals in getting an interview with Metro. Successful applicants that pass the interview and background check with Metro will receive additional on-the-job training. “We work closely with Metro to train Bus Operators, and those positions also have career ladders.” Ms. Rose shared. Within the first year as a Bus Operator, Metro employees can apply for positions such as a Schedule Checker, Manager, or a Rail Operator, with positions ranging from $20+ an hour.

The training is not limited to Metro, as CCD works with other transit companies around the Los Angeles area. Ms. Rose shared that the program is a “great way to get into the transportation, logistics, and trade industries.” She also stated to not “look at it as ‘I will be a Bus Operator forever.’ This is a very demanding career-driven path to get into some of these higher paying jobs.” A great example was shared of Metro’s former CEO Art Leahy who started as a Metro Bus Operator.

In addition to the training opportunities, barista positions are currently available through Belasco Ulli Coffee, an up-and-coming coffee and dessert hotspot in Downtown Los Angeles. Belaso Ulli Coffee will be willing to provide on-the-job training for hired applicants, starting at $15 an hour.

Jan Tokumaru, Consultant with the California Labor Federation Workforce and Economic Development Program and member of the API JOBS Initiative workforce team, shared how these training and hiring opportunities “gives us more doors that are opening, more career opportunities that are opening” and how much of “the strength of this program is partnership.”

Lastly, although the training and hiring opportunities are targeted towards job seekers, the API JOBS Initiative can also assist businesses as well. “If there are companies who are seeking Asian-speaking employees, please contact us.” Stated Hyepin Im. “We want to help companies within the Korean/Asian community to access City Worksource Center services.”

For those interested in any of the training opportunities, orientations must be attended. The Biotech Academy orientations will be held at the Los Angeles Valley College on June 21 and June 28 at 10:00 AM. The Bus Operator Training Academy orientation will be held at the Wilshire-Metro Worksource Center on June 20 at 10:00 AM. For those applying for barista positions, there are no orientations but you must provide required documents to determine eligibility.

To reserve an orientation spot or to apply, please sign up to submit your request. You can also apply at or call us at 213-985-1500.



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