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Judge Bans Hunting of Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

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Montana Federal District Court ruled that the Grizzly bears in Yellowstone should be protected under the Endangered Species Act (1973), “a key legislation for both domestic and international conservation. The act aims to provide a framework to conserve and protect endangered and threatened species and their habitats”.

United States District Judge Dana Christensen ruled in favor of the Crow Indian Tribe, Other tribes, and environmental groups. The court ruled United States Fish and Wildlife Service exceeded its legal authority when it delisted the Greater Yellowstone grizzly bear from the Endangered Species list, as the United States Fish and Wildlife Service “failed to consider an important aspect of the problem…,” relying on what the court deemed as faulty studies and deciding to ignore a key commitment to apply the best available science in determining whether delisting the grizzly bears from the endangered list was appropriate.

Governor Matt Meade of Wyoming lamented the court’s decision, arguing that bears were sufficiently recovered. The State of Wyoming had planned to allow the hunt of 22 grizzly bears this season.

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