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Israel’s Air Strikes Kill Doctors

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On Sunday, Israelis struck GAZA strips leaving the Palestinian people devastated. Among the victims was Dr. Abu al-Ouf, who was there with his extended families, which included his mother and father, his wife Reem, and their 17-year-old son Tawfik and their 12-year-old-daughter Tala. According to BBC, Dr. Ayman Abu al-Ouf was the head of internal medicine at the Palestinian territory’s main hospital, and he had dedicated his life to the people who live in very poor conditions in Palestine.

“This is a really big loss not just for us personally because we knew Ayman – this is also a loss for his patients and students,” Dr. Ghaith al-Zaanin, a close friend and former colleague who lives in Canada, told the BBC. Dr. Abu al-Ouf was a Coronavirus responder, and he had treated many Palestinian patients and had taught many new generation doctors who are in mourning for the death of their well-respected doctor and teacher.

Dr. Abu al-Ouf lived in Gaza City’s al-Wahda street, which is lined with apartment buildings, shops. He had left the hospital to go home just one hour before hitting the airstrike. He was rescued from his collapsed home 12 hours after the airstrike, but it was too late, as he died at the hospital.

The Israeli military said that it had, “struck an underground military structure” belonging to Hamas, and “The underground foundations collapsed, causing the civilian housing above them to collapse, causing unintended casualties.” Nonetheless, more than 200 people (including 61 women and 36 children) have died and 1,500 are injured in Gaza, while Israeli death includes 10 people, including 2 children.

President Biden reached out to Israel’s PM Netanyahu that he expects ‘de-escalating conflict’ and to a cease-fire on Gaza to prevent continued death of innocent people, but Netanyahu responded on his Twitter that, “[he is] determined to continue this operation until its goal is achieved.”

It is unclear as to how the world sees Israel’s behavior, but tensions are growing as they’re beginning to see Israel as the aggressor and Palestine as the victim.

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