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Is ICE Performing hysterectomies on immigrants?

On Tuesday, light allegations accused ICE’s Irwin County Detention center in Georgia of performing mass hysterectomies, refusing to test detainees for Covid-19, and shredding medical records.

Follow-up news conference in Atlanta however, has not helped substantiate the story, as the whistleblower’s attorney refused to release the full statement made, and the whistleblowing nurse herself did not take any questions.

The whistleblower is a nurse who had been working full-time as a licensed practice nurse at the immigration detention center until July, when she was demoted.

That being said, the nurse stated that she did not actually know if the women that underwent hysterectomy operations actually consented or not. She simply stated that, “everybody [the doctor] sees has a hysterectomy — just about everybody.”

At the press conference, however, the nurse mostly focused on improper Covid-19 violations rather than on hysterectomy allegation.  The complaint states that the nurse was demoted after missing work with coronavirus symptoms.

The agency, while it is taking the allegations seriously, also stated that unsubstantiated statements should be treated as such. This is an ongoing investigation.


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