It only took a decade (not properly… I slept, ate, showered, and did other things involved with life) of half-assed research, and an endless desire for self-understanding.

It took an observant INTJ friend, who suggested that my desire for “accuracy” may had to do with being an INTP. It took the understanding of my own desires and biased views, which had hindered the view of truth.

It took an experiment of testing as every other 15 types, and realizing I didn’t fit into any one type comfortably like a well-fitting glove; every other type felt like a mass produced t-shirt in vanity sizing that made me feel either frumpy, ugly, or fat.

Of course, I still wonder whether I am not ENTP or INFP. But from my observance, ENTP types are way better at producing ideas than I am, and INFP types are way more productive than I’ve ever been. Also, INFP types have an uncanny understanding of themselves, their motivations, values, and so on. It is sometimes nearly impossible to know how I feel. That’s the only reason I don’t think I am an INFP, although I’m leaving that option open just in case.

But for every new information I get about the INTP, the more it fits, which gives me confidence that I’m on the right road…