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Indian Unemployment Leading to Exodus to Seek Employment in Israel

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Since last October. 7, Hamas’s deadly attack on the Gaza Strip and Israel’s retaliatory war have caused Israel’s labor force shortage from farms to industrial sectors. Many Indians are now leaving India to seek jobs in Israel and hope to escape their crowded hometowns. If they were hired by Israel employment, then they could also jump out of their caste system restrictions.

According to a Ministry of External Affairs report, at least 29 million Indians are living overseas, and this indicates the largest population in the world. Every year 2.5 million Indians migrate overseas which is the highest annual number of migrants in the world.

The most populous country for Indian residency is the United States of America, with at least 9 million people, according to a 2023 statistic. Skilled Indian workers earn more than 3 to 5 times overseas.

Israel and India have agreed to accept a labor force of 40,000 Indians to work in Israel at nursing and construction sites.

According to, most of the skilled Indian workers in Israel are masons, painters, electricians, plumbers, and farmers. India is one of the most populous countries with 14 million people, and its unemployment rate will be 7.38% in 2024. It indicates a 0.38% decrease from 2021 which was 7.71%.

According to AP, “The states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have advertised for around 10,000 positions each for construction workers in Israel. Uttar Pradesh has finalized a list of 16,000 to send to Israel next month for a final selection,” the state labor minister Anil Rajbhar said.

Rajbhar said the federal government’s screening center in Lucknow was in response to Israel’s request for laborers.

India and Israel maintain an amicable relationship, as there is a history of the Jewish population living in India since the 2nd century BCE.

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