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“I’m not a Cat”

A video clip of a judicial zoom meeting went viral after an attorney by the name of Rod Ponton anxiously stated to the 394th Judicial District Court in the state of Texas. As the judge observed to Mr. Ponton that he seemed to be using a filter, Mr. Ponton nervously exclaimed that they were attempting to correct the issue, but that he was willing to go forward as a cat if necessary.

He nervously continued, “I am here, I’m just… I’m not a cat.”

The judge responded in turn, confirming, “I… I can see that.”

The viral video was posted by the judge himself, as he explained that he wanted to show how dedicated those in the judicial field were to their duties, even in such difficult times as during the pandemic. Many people delighted in this hilarious situation, many responding that this video positively in a pandemic that has lasted nearly a year.

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