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Hurricane Lee Could be Dangerous


Photo captured from NOAA

After Hurricane Hilary hit the West Coast, many US residents are now concerned about another hurricane brewing on the Caribbean Sea. Currently, Hurricane Lee has strengthened to a Category 4 storm with maximum sustained wind speeds of 130mph.

Hurricane Lee developed from Category 1 on Wednesday and rapidly gained speed in the warm water of the Atlantic Ocean in the last 12 hours by 50mph. The National Hurricane Center predicts Lee is expected to reach Category 5 as early as Friday morning as it approaches the eastern Caribbean.

“The hurricane is located about 780 miles east of the northern Leeward Islands,” and it will most likely fluctuate, with dangerous high surf and rip current on the northern Caribbean on Friday.  It is too early to predict where it is going to head towards, and which part of the US will be impacted or not as well.

However, NCAR indicated where the Lee is “At 0000 UTC, 08 September 2023, MAJOR HURRICANE LEE (AL13) was located in the North Atlantic basin at 17°N and 51.8°W. The current intensity was 135 kt and the center was moving at 12 kt at a bearing of 290 degrees. The minimum central pressure was 933 mb.”

Many Residents are wondering about Lee’s futuristic path and when it will impact the US mainland. Florida, the Gulf Coast, and Southern States are recovering from Hurricane Idalia which made landfall just last Wednesday. The US was burdened financially by Idalia, one of Mother Nature’s Wraths by around $20 billion with many deaths, according to CBS News.

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